Animation generated by Forester v1.00 and rendered entirely in POV-Ray
Audio effects mixed by Forester (panning, attenuation, doppler)

NOTE: If the animation does not appear above, then you will need to download the free
Quicktime plugin available from

Animation file size: 688kB
Animation length 2s
Number of frames: 50
Frames per second: 25
Motion Blurred Stills per frame: 6
Anti-aliased samples per pixels 2.25
Time to Render each still: 2min
Time to Render each frame: 12min
Average Scene Objects per frame: 2,500
Average Grass blades per frame: 50,000
Average POV-Ray POV file size 4,800kB
Video Compressor: Quicktime Sorenson Medium Quality
Sound Compressor: Quicktime IMA 4:1
Sound Resolution 44.1KHz 16-bit Stereo
Equipment used: Pentium III 500MHz 128Mb RAM