Benchmark Information

Image AA Forester POV INI Parse Render Blades Memory
1. No 0s 6 kB 0s 10s 0 900 kB
2. Yes 0s 6 kB 0s 21s 0 900 kB
3. No 64s 14,626 kB 21s 16s 99,981 21,760 kB
4. Yes 64s 14,626 kB 21s 143s 99,981 21,760 kB


The images shown above are the direct output from POV-Ray (except for conversion to JPEG format), rendered at 300x200 pixels.

AA - whether scene anti-aliasing was on or off. A very high setting was used to get a smooth-looking image

Forester - time spent by Forester in processing the scene. (Note that most of this time is actually spent writing the INI file to disk, rather than actually processing it)

POV INI - size of the POV-Ray INI file generated by Forester

Parse - time spent by POV-Ray in parsing the INI file

Render - time spent by POV-Ray in rendering the scene

Blades - total number of blades of grass in the scene

Memory - peak memory usage reported by POV-Ray once render completed

Focal Blur

Here is the same scene rendered with Camera Focal Blur (again, no post-processing has been applied).

AA Forester POV INI Parse Render Blades Memory
FB 64s 14,626 kB 21s 235s 99,981 21,760 kB