Why register?

Registering Forester entitles you to use it for Commercial Purposes and also unlocks the following features:

Furthermore, Forester registration also unlocks all features of the Forester Arboretum, allowing full 3D trees to be designed and incorporated into Forester scenes.

How much does it cost?

Registration costs £20 (GBP)

How to Register:

Click the button below to register securely via Paypal.

Note: If you are registering Forester for a company or as a gift for someone else, please enter the appropriate name in the 'Registered to (Name/Company)' field. If left blank I will use the default purchaser name on the license.

How quickly will I receive my License Key file?

Once the Paypal transaction has been successful they will e-mail me a notification. On receipt of this I then generate the License Key File and email this back to you.

Please note however, that since I am not online 24 hours a day there can occasionally be a delay in registration until I next check my email. In general, any registrations received by 20:00 GMT will be processed that same day. I make every effort to process all registrations within 24 hours, but please understand that occasionally this is not possible and it can take slightly longer.