Animation Time-Line



The Animation Time-Line is used to assemble the trajectories together to create entire Flight Paths. The Flight Paths can then be assigned to the Camera or Objects to create the final animation.

Individual Trajectories are added to the Time Line by selecting them from the Trajectory list and then dragging the Green markers around the time line.

Double clicking on a Trajectory allows its frame-length to be readjusted. NOTE: When Forester creates the animation, each trajectory is linearly interpolated to fit the number of frames specified on the Time-Line. This can sometimes result in a slight jerkiness of the flight path (basically due to Moire patterns created by the interpolation process). To avoid this problem ensure that the trajectory frame-length is kept the same as the number of points in that trajectory.



Click to delete this Flight Path


Click to Export this Flight Path as a Terragen Script File. (Registered Versions Only)

Add New Flight Path

Click to add a new flightpath to the Time Line


Drag the slider to adjust the time-zoom factor of the Time-Line