Sound Studio


The Sound Studio is used for enhancing Wave files by locking them to a Flight Path and adjusting their Attenuation (volume), Panning and Pitch (Doppler Effect) according to the relative positon of the Flight Path to the Camera.

NOTE: Forester can currently only use 44.1KHz 16-bit Stereo Wave files. Using another format may produce an error or give strange results.


Viewer Location/Camera

Select the Flight Path which is used for the camera

Object/Sound Location

Select a Flight Path or enter a fixed point where the sound source is coming from.

All Frames

Tick to process all frames in the animation or enter a from/to range

-6db distance

This adjusts the amount of attenuation that is applied to the sound source. Enter the distance from the camera where the sound source should have 50% of its original volume (-6db).


Drag the slider to enhance or decrease the amount of Doppler effect used (this is the change in pitch of a moving object noticed as it goes past - eg: a speeding police car)

Input Sound File

Click to load the input sound file. NOTE: It must be a 44.1Khz 16-bit Stereo Wave file


Click to play the entire loaded input file. (NOTE: there is currently no way of stopping the sample midway)

Output Sound File

Click to select an filename for the output file

Process File

Click to process the sample