Object Image Map Window



Click to Import an Image Map that has been created or edited in a graphics program. Note that the Image Map file must be a 24-bit Windows Bitmap file (*.bmp).


Click to Save/Export the current Image Map. NOTE: Forester does not save the Image Map file when the Forester file is saved - this must be done manually!


Click to wipe all non-grey colours from the Image Map, hence removing any Image Map objects from the scene. Use with caution!!


When an Image Map is edited in a graphics package, any grey colour (ie Red=Green=Blue) can be used to delete an object location. However, this can leave erroneous grey pixels over the terrain height map. Click this button to return all grey pixels to their appropriate shade (as defined by the terrain altitude at that point).

Pen Type


Select to draw continuous lines when dragging the pointer over the Image Map.


Select to use a 'spray gun' on the Image Map

Line Thickness

Select the appropriate line or spray size