DirectX Preview


Normal Drag - Pan

Adjusts viewing heading (mouse left/right) and pitch (mouse up/down)

Ctrl-Drag - Scroll/Elevate

Shifts camera horizontally perpendicular to viewing direction (mouse left/right) and vertically (mouse up/down). Note: vertical movement only adjusts Z-height (independent of pitch)

Shift-Drag - Pan/Dolly

Horizontal pan (mouse left/right), dolly camera in and out of view (mouse up/down)

Ctrl-Shift-Drag - Roll

Adjusts camera roll (mouse left/right)

Alt-Drag - Zoom

Adjusts camera zoon (mouse up/down)




The view is not locked to any coordinates. Use this option to move freely around the terrain, perhaps to search for a slightly different view, but without wanting to lose the current Main Camera location.


The view locks to the Main Camera coordinates. Moving around the view automatically updates the camera coordinates. Also, changing any of the camera coordinates in the Camera window and pressing <Enter> will update the view to match.


The view locks to the selected trajectory point (if the Trajectories window is open - otherwise it is the same as 'Unlocked').

When the Trajectories window is open the entire selected trajectory is drawn as a continuous 3D line in the preview.

Birds Eye

This fixes the view high above the terrain looking down at it, similar to the standard terrain window view. Useful for viewing object locations and trajectory paths. Note that this view alters the front and back clipping planes of the DirectX view, so moving closer to the terrain will slowly make it disappear (the higher points disappear first). Therefore it is not advised to use the Navigation controls on this view.

Redraw View

Forces the terrain and objects to be regenerated. Use this after changing the sun position or water level.

No Objects

This removes all objects from the current view (these can slow down screen updates and may not be necessary when creating animations and navigating around the view).


The DirectX preview requires Microsoft DirectX 7 to be installed, which is available to download free from It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME and 2000, but unfortunately not Windows NT so I am afraid NT users will not be able to use Forester in its current state.

There are also two annoying issues relating to the DirectX preview that I have not yet been able to resolve:

Unfortunately, I have found that a lack of decent documentation/books relating to using DirectX with Visual Basic has made it very difficult to achieve reliable results on all hardware. Also, considering that I only own one computer, on which the preview works perfectly (PIII 500 with ATI Rage Fury graphics card) it is difficult to resolve issues relating to individual hardware combinations.