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Forester Version 1 is now available to download. Please read the license agreement below. Do notdownload the software if you do not agree to the terms.


Full Version 1.00.0010

Forester may still have a few bugs. Please check the Bugs page to see if the particular problem is already listed, or use the feedback form to notify me of any new issues.


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Upgrade to Version 1.00.0012

If you are using an earlier version of Forester (at least version 1.00) you can upgrade to v1.00.0012 by downloading the latest patch from here (251kB). This patch fixes a couple of minor bugs which affected Forester's use with POV-Ray v3.5 Beta.


Extract zip file to a blank folder and run the Setup.exe file

Don't forget you also need to download and install POV-Ray.

Targa -> Bitmap Converter

Forester and POV-Ray both use the Targa image file format. If you do not have any software thatcan read this common format (eg: Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, PhotoDraw, PhotoDeluxe, etc), then youcan use this little utility (5Kb) to convert Targa files to Bitmaps. NOTE:This will only work with 24-bit Uncompressed Targa files. You will also need the Visual Basic 5runtime files, but if you have installed Forester then they will already be present on your system.