The Forester Arboretum is an add-on to Forester for creating trees suitable for rendering by Forester/POV-Ray. Each tree is modelled in full 3-dimensions, from the trunk and branches right down to the shape of each leaf. The tree generation algorithm is flexible enough to create a wide variety of tree species, from pines to oaks. Various features of the Forester Arboretum are:




The Arboretum has been created and tested on Windows 98. I have not yet had the opportunity to test it on other operating systems, but it should run on Windows 95,ME,2000 and XP. As with most graphics programs it will benefit from a fast processor and graphics card with hardware acceleration. It also requires a large amount of RAM - I have tested it on 256Mb and 512Mb systems without problems, but on a 64Mb system it did experience some memory problems when creating very complex trees.

POV-Ray v3.5

This is currently in Beta-release stage and can be downloaded from the POV-Ray website. (NOTE: The Arboretum is NOT compatible with POV-Ray 3.1g)


The 3D preview uses either OpenGL or the Direct3D components from Microsoft DirectX (minimum version 7), which can be downloaded from Microsoft. (NOTE: I have not been able to test the 3D preview with many graphics cards, but some can present problems. If you do experience problems try using both OpenGL and DirectX, and also try selecting the DirectX 'Software Renderer' setting in the Forester Tools/Options menu).

Product Registration

The Arboretum may be downloaded and tested without charge. However, to unlock the file export facility (allowing rendering by Forester/POV-Ray), registration is required. The registration process is the same as that for Forester, and users who have previously registered Forester are automatically covered for the Arboretum as well.

Please see the Forester registration page for further details.

Download the Arboretum

Click here to go to the Forester Arboretum download page.